Build something larger

Emerald Cloud Lab is seeking the most elite individuals to join us on this grand adventure. If you have the ambition and intellectual fearlessness to come tackle some of biotechnology's biggest problems, read on.

Please apply through the appropriate link below (preferred), or send resumes to We will contact you if we think there could be a match.

Software Engineer

Engineering is at the heart of our efforts to turn the life sciences into a computational discipline. We are seeking exemplary software engineers, from front-end web developers to back-end infrastructure hackers, who are excited to work closely with scientists to build a scalable and robust platform that extends all the way from high performance cloud computing down to the robotics in the laboratory.

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Senior Recruiter

Recruiting at Emerald is setting out to build a dedicated, thoughtful team that is motivated to work together in the years ahead to lay computational foundations for the biotech industry. We are seeking a relentless recruiter who combines a drive to find and inspire the top talent in diverse disciplines with the discerning eye required to understand each individual.

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Systems Diagnostics Scientist

Systems Diagnostics Scientists at Emerald have a deep understanding of our many different instruments and experiments, and serve as our experts on everything from diagnosing tough problems with these instruments and experiments to identifying and fixing flaws in the system we have designed. We are seeking the most incisive scientists to help build a team and a culture based on strong inference, and to set a new standard in how consistent and reliable a laboratory can be.

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Laboratory Operator

Laboratory Operations at Emerald enables the ECL vision to become a reality, as our Laboratory Operators ensure that all of our scientific equipment, laboratory automation, and robotics are running smoothly. We are looking for relentless, detail-oriented individuals to drive the extremely fast turnaround of experiments conducted through the ECL and uphold the quality of all laboratory processes as we blaze the trail together for this new paradigm in the life sciences.

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Scientific Developer

Our Scientific Development Team is responsible for bringing online and automating experimentation. We are looking for individuals with backgrounds in the life sciences, engineering, and robotics to come together and push the boundaries of what is possible in the lab.

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Scientific Computing Engineer

Our Scientific Computing team is charged with building into the ECL the cutting-edge modeling, simulation, and other analysis tools that currently separate computational chemistry from chemistry, and computational biology from biology. We are seeking extremely versatile scientists and mathematicians who are excited to build these systems.

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