What makes us unique

No disciplinary boundaries

Our backgrounds cut a wide swath across the life sciences, computer science, and engineering. Rather than allowing our domain knowledge to place boundaries on our work, we are careful instead to combine our disciplinary distinctions through teaching and learning from one another. Our goal is to become the next generation of scientists and engineers whose work is dictated by our objectives, not our certifications.

Automation and Computational Closure

We use automation in software and hardware to carry out the physical aspects of our work. This does more for us than just reduce manual workload—rigorous robotic systems provide computational closure around our experimental protocols and leave behind an enduring path for repeatable, modular lab work upon which our science can compound through increasing layers of abstraction.

Quantitative rigor

Data is an obsession at Emerald. This rigor ensures that we are always making decisions based on measured, trustworthy numbers, not intuition or bias. It is our belief that systems biology should be the standard approach to biological inquiry, and we are committed to developing the tools necessary to seamlessly transition life science into this more advanced state of analysis.

First derivative thinking

There are no one-offs at Emerald: everything we do is building toward what we will do next. First derivative thinking is a rallying cry that each day our work should compound so that the next day's efforts can be more highly leveraged and efficient.

Casual intensity

Emerald's ambitions stretch into the very long term. To bring these goals within reach, we foster an atmosphere of “casual intensity” in the day-to-day. We use things like advanced robotics to push the boundaries of scientific experimentation beyond what is traditionally thought possible, but that doesn't stop us from giving the robots after-market googly eyes. Our team is made up of ambitious individuals who have come together to build something larger than themselves, and we believe that having fun along the way is essential for such an endeavor.