At Emerald Cloud Lab our mission is to empower scientists to transcend the laboratory.

ECL was founded by scientists, for scientists. Our vision is to build a system that sweeps aside the daily grind scientists face in the laboratory and allows the day-to-day work to center on orchestrating science. There is transformative potential in a world where scientific ideas have a more direct route to realization and where progress in science and medicine is driven more by the strength of our ideas than our labor in the lab. Succeeding in this mission has the chance to provide unprecedented leverage and autonomy to scientists worldwide and in doing so to accelerate the rate of progress in pharmaceutical research, materials science, medical diagnostics, and agriculture.

Turning this vision into reality is what has brought us all together at Emerald. Our mission drives us to do the kind of work we are proud to tell our friends and families about, and the grand ambition of the endeavor presents each of us with the kinds of challenges that can inspire the most creative work of our careers.