By Scientists, for Scientists

Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) began as a solution to our own problems while running Emerald Therapeutics, a venture-backed biotechnology company focused on _____.

As scientists running a forward-thinking biotech laboratory staffed by top scientist and engineers around the world, we couldn't resist asking:

Why are laboratories still so frustratingly archaic? Why does every newly-designed experiment have to grind through six deflating months of setting up and troubleshooting before a single test can begin? Why do people still trust their life's work to the shortcomings of paper notebooks when supercomputers come in smaller sizes? WHY?

We'd had enough of the status quo. We saw no pride in sacrificing years of our lives to laboratory inefficiencies. We truly believe science deserves much better.


In the digital machine age,
lab science will flourish

Today, ideas fly invisibly through the air and propagate instantly around the globe with a few finger swipes. Humans today capture, combine, replicate, and redistribute information on an immeasurably larger scale than during paper times.

Today, robots spare us from the grind of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. Machines tackle the work we humans have learned to hate, performing jobs with infinite stamina, at speeds we once considered impossible.

So we built our own solutions to move scientific work into this new era of digital enlightment, carefully testing, validating, and connecting myriad systems into a complex whole that actually works for actual life scientist. The ECL is the result of our meticulous, mind-bending journey into speeding up our own scientific process, and we're finally readt to share its power with the world.


Brian Frezza & DJ Kleinbaum

Lifelong friends & founders

of Emerald Cloud Lab


Our Vision

Marry life science with computer science to accelerate experimentation, elevate scientific output, and move science forward.

Our Mission

Develop the most efficient, accurate, comprehensive, and powerful remotely-operable laboratory for use by scientists around the world.