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ECL account capacity is a measure of the number of simultaneous experiments an account can conduct. All accounts can execute an unlimited number of sequential experiments back-to-back, but are priced (baseline, high and ultra capacity) by the number of simultaneous experiments that can be performed in parallel.
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Number of ECL Command Center® Software Licenses

ECL Command Center is the software application used to remotely drive all instrumentation and analyze, visualize and interpret data. Licenses are per user login and can be installed on any number of computers.
3 licenses included (Comprehensive Plan).

ECL Constellation® Database Storage (TB)

ECL Constellation automatically organizes your data into a powerful knowledge graph, growing over time as you conduct more experiments. Database storage limits can be increased as capacity is reached.
1 TB included.

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-$21,500 /mo1 year discount
$25,000 /mo
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