See How It Works

The ECL is at your command

The ECL Command Center provides a single, comprehensive workspace for your entire scientific workflow.

See How It Works

1. Command

Ship your samples to an ECL facility and design your experiments in the ECL Command Center application.

2. Run

Emerald remotely conducts your experiments in a highly automated ECL facility exactly to your specifications.

3. Explore

ECL Constellation organizes your data into a powerful knowledge graph, growing automatically over time as you conduct more experiments.

4. Analyze

ECL Command Center provides an extensive suite of tools to plot, analyze, and visualize your results.

Full control over

every detail

Design every detail of your experiment without any artificial restrictions ⁠— it’s as if you are standing in the laboratory yourself. Samples can be as small as microliters and micrograms or as large as liters and kilograms, and experiments include both analytical and preparative protocols.

ECL Command Center software makes it simple to select and modify any experimental parameters with a point-and-click interface or by directly typing commands into your lab notebook.

Once designed, protocols are automatically saved to your database for push-button reproducibility and higher level scriptability in larger workflows.

Let our robots do

the work

ECL allows you to remotely execute a wide array of experiment types in our state of the art facilities. ECL currently has over 50 different types of instruments online, including HPLC, Mass Spectrometry, and NMR. Experiments are conducted using automated instrumentation and robotics to carry out your instructions exactly as specified.

Once you submit an experiment through ECL Command Center, the experiment is run automatically and the results are added to your database in just a few days.

Explore the network
of information

ECL Constellation is a network of linked database objects that structures the data you generate into a highly organized knowledge graph, growing automatically over time as you run experiments.

Answer any questions you have about your experiments in seconds by surfing through your knowledge graph with a few clicks or keystrokes.

Conduct searches across the full history of experiments run on the system including your own data, any data shared within your organization, and any data published on the system.

Constellation lives in the cloud, so you’ll never worry about sifting through loose files, emails, or thumb drives — your data is accessible from any computer with a secure login.

A full workstation

for data analysis

  • Data Visualization
  • Interactive Documentation
  • Data Processing
  • Surfing the Knowledge Graph
  • Searching the Knowledge Graph
  • Tracking Experimental Resources
  • Image Processing
  • Integrated Biophysics
  • Symbolic Mathematics Integration
  • ECL Command Center provides over 4,500 powerful functions for data visualization, analysis, and simulation. The software also allows your experiments, data, analysis, results, and even scientific figures to be exported, shared, or published on the web.

    These tools can be accessed through a point-and-click interface or the commands can be directly entered into your lab notebook. This makes it easy to repeat or scale any analysis with a single command and to automate report generation through higher-level scripting.

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