Traditional Labs Present Barriers to Experimentation

Life scientists in all sectors face substantial execution-based barriers to conducting experiments, forcing scientists to compromise on pursuing innovative hypotheses.
% Respondents with Instrument Access Problems1
Pie chart showing that 80% of surveyed scientists cited instrumentation access as an impediment to research execution
  • Over 80% report access to instrumentation as a major impediment to their research
    • Most scientists report wishing they had access to more instrumentation
    • Maintenance and downtime of available instruments are additional barriers
    • Constraints on instrument access directly limit achievement of research objectives
    • Lack of access to a wide variety of scientific capabilities can significantly reduce probability of success in lab research goals by limiting ability to work around unplanned scientific barriers
Average Experiment Onboarding Time1
Bar chart showing the average experimental onboarding time versus percentage of scientists surveyed
The average new experiment takes at least a month to onboard, hindering a researcher’s agility in meeting research goals utilizing new instruments or methods
  • Onboarding frequently stymied due to lengthy troubleshooting
    • Delays are unpredictable, with a broad distribution ranging from weeks to years
    • Over 30% of respondents said they had suffered a delay greater than six months on a project
Troubleshooting Time1
41% of surveyed scientists reported an average of 1 month of experimental onboarding time
1Emerald customer survey, n=130 Scientists from across the industry (mix of startups, large companies, and academia) (2013)

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